Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hi and welcome to addicted2wheels.

This is not my one and only blog. addicted2wheels will concentrate on bicycle racing, whereas offline is a general blog with a save-the-world focus and my gtveloce.com blog has more of a general automotive spin. Of course all of us - all bloggers - can influence opinion just by being, so inherently we could all indeed save the world. I hope so, as it's worth saving.

We can do that by simply reducing our personal footprint upon the world. I'm coming from a relatively over-consuming 'first world' perspective, where 'first' means 'first one to oblivion wins'. I'm thinking we can avoid oblivion by small actions such as "Don't drive your car when you could walk or ride a bike" for example.

I'll encourage bike riding by summarising research or presenting interesting snippets that may help you (and me) get fitter and faster. It's a personal improvement plan that will save the world. Cool, eh?

Cheers, Rob

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Anonymous said...

Yes! We can all save the world! Get on those bikes!!!!