Sunday, March 19, 2006

Milano-San Remo

OK, so Filippo Pozzato won. Cyclingnews says so.

Well we didn't pick that, but our earlier speculation about Boonen, Petacchi, Bettini and McEwen wasn't too far off. Sounds like McEwen got dropped on a climb, but it's a bit unclear yet. He does have a brokem rib, so that would make climbing a bit harder. Bettini had also suffered a fall in his previous race, so he may have been off form, too.

The upshot was that Alessandro Petacchi was 2nd, followed by Paolini and Boonen. Then Napolitano, Freire and Garzelli in that order. Thor Hushovd was 13th, Allan Davis 19th and Zabel 21st. Conclusions? Well Boonen wouldn't have been trying to pull back teammate Pozzato, so it's hard to draw an absolute conclusion about Boonen's vs Petacchi's form. Boonen had to protect Pozzato, not just win for himself. It gets complicated sometimes, doesn't it?

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