Friday, September 08, 2006

Plenty of Aussies in action

Don't miss the Tour of Poland this year... currently up to the 4th stage, there are plenty of top-ranked Aussies in action, including McGee, Vogels, White, Lowe, Gates, Gerrans and Evans. Evans is just 26 secs of the lead... with about 60 others. Stage 5 has a couple of climbs, which should get rid of the sprinters and open up the GC; and stage 6 has about 7 climbs, which will shake up the order again, probably significantly. Expect Evans to have a go on the last climb, if he's still in contact. Stage 8 is slightly easier but nevertheless tough with a series of uphills to sort everyone out again, including the climb to the finish. Overall it could suit (maybe, if the back is OK) McGee, Garzelli, Evans and even Mayo.

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