Monday, September 24, 2007

Goulburn to wherever it goes now

It was the Goulburn to Sydney, reversing to be the Sydney to Goulburn; then it was shortened due to traffic hassles, to end at Liverpool, 30km or so west of Sydney. It was still 200km, it was still tough. I did it 3 times to no good effect, either puncturing on Governor's Hill a mere 5km out of town or getting dropped with about 50km to go. I could never get it right. So even now, shortened to finish at Camden, some 50km out of Sydney, it's a race that commands my respect. To finish it is fabulous, but a top20 is magnificent:
1 Robert Williams (Drapac Porsche) 4.13.20 2 Shaun Higgerson (South 0.18 3 Mitchell Pearson 4 Joshua Wilson (Praties Cycling Team) 0.19 5 Stuart Shaw (Drapac Porsche) 2.11 6 Nash Kent (Equity IT) 7 Cameron Hughes (Ord Minnett Racing Team) 2.12 8 Ben Mather (Praties Cycling Team) 9 Brendan Brooks (FRF - NSWIS) 2.14 10 Steven Robb 2.15 11 William Ford (South 2.17 12 Peter Mcdonald (FRF - NSWIS) 13 Blair Martin 2.18 14 Robert Hodgson * 2.19 15 Angus Morton (Drapac Porsche) 2.26 16 Gilbert Gutowski (Ord Minnett Racing Team) 2.54 17 Grant Irwin (Ord Minnett Racing Team) 3.12 18 Nicholas Sanderson (South 3.13 19 Dean Windsor (Drapac Porsche) 20 Dale Scarfe (Team FSA) (via Cyclingresults).