Saturday, December 29, 2007

A win is a win is a win...

Yes folks, after 250,000km over about 35 years of riding, at 50 years of age and after suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune I actually chalked up another win. Trust me, a win in a D-grade crit is as good as A-grade when you are 50 and only manage 100km road kilometres in a good week!

It's also nice to explain how and why. Firstly, I haven't been well or consistent in my recent training so...
  1. I took it easy
  2. I warmed up
  3. I made sure I gritted my teeth only when absolutely necessary
  4. When ready I had a few digs to see how my body would react (and see how the others were going)
  5. I found I could manage 350-400W up the short climb once every 2km lap and recover in time for the 36-40kmh slight 1km climb, even when leading the bunch
  6. However I was hitting 175-180bpm and feeling stretched (192pbm is my upper limit)
  7. So I took every breather I could
  8. But I let no-one get away
  9. I stayed up front (easy after the first third of the race as we were down to just 4 in the lead bunch)
  10. I was vigilant
  11. I anticipated attacks up the long straight and the final, crucial attack up the steepest part of the last hill
  12. I used 1400W (probably lifted the front wheel - let's say 1,000W) in one burst on the 8% hill to get on the right wheel
  13. I stayed on that wheel and they (thanks Arron) towed me over the top and down to the finish straight
  14. I waited and waited and then crept over my lead out just before the line (500W into a headwind but down a 4% hill)
  15. And threw the bike to pass him for the win - just.
If I could sum it up, applicable in all grades - don't get dropped, save your energy for when it matters, get on the right wheel and come off the wheel at the right time. Easy, eh?