Thursday, May 08, 2008

Idiot driver takes out cycling pack - apparently with intent

If you've cycled in Sydney you'll know the feeling of being hassled by drivers with little apparent self-control and an inability to separate their emotions from their driving task. In this instance the "Crazy driver" involved has gone one step too far - maybe 2 or 3 steps too far. Doesn't matter that there were Olympians involved, this shouldn't happen to anyone.

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Dr. Leslie Brown said...

I came across your blog through the blogcatalogue...

I lived in Southern Sydney until I was 28, so yeah I know alll about some of those bastard drivers. I used to have so many close calls every single week... sometimes I got enraged myself.

I got knocked off twice in as many years in Sydney.
Fractured my left wrist in a high-speed hit & run sideswipe incident near Narabeen (in broad daylight with no other traffic on a straight three lane road I might add) - straight to the emergency room with multiple abrasions. Took WEEKS to heal.
Then less than a year later, broke my right wrist when some *idiot* swerved & parked right in front of me in Penshurst while commuting home from work.
And as I was writhing around on the ground in virtual agony (I could see the lump where the bone was broken), the driver was more worried about my cleats scratching the paintjob on his car door...

One thing regarding the story you're referring to is that my dad said that they did some TV survey after this - and more than half of Sydney's drivers said that cyclists bother them on the road! Incredible!!

I don't think I'd cycle there again. It's just not the ideal place to train.

I do miss Australia, but this is just another reason for me to stay here in Tenerife, Spain. I've not had one single incident within two whole years of cycling here. :-)

Les from