Thursday, July 03, 2008

Heart-rate monitors and servicing

Polar TX date_0682b
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On a more light-hearted note, kinda, my Polar M22 is getting on a bit. It's been great - just 3 batteries in 8 years, and one new strap. Thinking of which, pictured here is the transmitter strap in question.

It's younger than the M22 itself by about 5 years, nevertheless Polar want me to read the tiny date markings anyway. I'm pretty sure the M22 battery has carked it - it "rebooted" itself once and then simply went blank a week or so later. I have no problem with Polar's agent in Australia wanting this detail, it's more the pain I am going through in getting the info to them that annoys me.

They want me to print out a form that doesn't format in Firefox. Oh joy. I have to use Internet Explorer instead, but they didn't say that until I'd filled out the form already! How about a warning at the top of the form, rather than the bottom? What about online submission of the form? Anyone at Polar Australia (called Pursuit Performance, btw) heard of the 21st Century?

Worse still, the M22 is a "best effort" repair as it is no longer supported with new parts (as against batteries and parts still in stock). Great. I'm thinking there may be some alternative options in the cycling-specific heart rate monitor business after this little annoyance. Only problem is that the Polar agent does do a good job overall. Do I stick with the devil I know?

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