Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Evans distinguishes between pave and cobbles, Menchov discounts Paris-Roubaix as a career option and Frank Schleck blames an unnamed HTC rider

Another mixed bag (or musette) of interesting quotes and notes....

Evans’ MTB Background Gives Him New Advantage In Grand Tours |
Evans: “Even in my most pretentious plans, I couldn’t have imagined that I could gain so much time over adversaries like Contador and Armstrong”, Evans told L’Equipe after stage three to Arenberg. “I had put a mark on that day because I knew it could be chaotic. We prepared it well with the right material. We discussed a lot about technical details, choice of tyres and gears. We didn't make any mistakes.”
Fränk Schleck Talks About His Crash On The Cobbles |
Schleck: "(After what happened on Monday) we told them we owed them a lot and that we're going to do everything we can to win this Tour de France. Today (Tues) we had perfecting position, a perfect job from everybody and the team stuck together. Then it happened. I was going on the pave and was in fourth position but a guy from Highroad crashed in front and just took me down. But that's sport. Now I've got a broken collarbone that is broken three times and I'm heading back to Luxembourg to get surgery and see how long it takes (to recover)."

(My comment: I've watched the video over and over and whilst a Highroad rider may also have gone down they looked to be to the right and behind Schleck and caught up in Frank's fall, not the other way around. There appeared to be no-one in front of Schleck or close enough to actually cause the fall. But there may have been someone else out of shot - perhaps.)
Menchov Escapes Pavé Unscathed |
"I'm very satisfied," Menchov said. "I have felt very good from the first day in Rotterdam and if you're good, then a high finish in this stage is possible.  I did not fall and did not puncture, but I still missed the group of Cancellara because Fränk Schleck was in front of me when he crashed. All day I felt unafraid on the cobblestones. It was very nice," said Menchov. "I got a lot of good help from the other guys. Too bad there was a gap [to the group with Andy Schleck - ed.], but the result is acceptable and I am satisfied with my performance today."

Now that he has gone successfully over the pavé and emerged unscathed, does Menchov plan to race in Paris-Roubaix some day? The answer from the 32-year-old was unequivocal: "Not on my life."
Déjà Vu For Basso After Tour Pavé |
"It's been an extremely demanding day," Basso said. "But we expected it. I can't see it as a positive day, but it's also not too negative. I've had worse times in my career, for example in this year's Giro d'Italia. I'm smiling now for coming home physically safe, but I'm not so happy with losing a bit of time."

Basso's ride was delayed because of a crash that put an end to Fränk Schleck's 2010 Tour de France. The Italian started a new race trying to catch up with groups ahead.
Cadel's Diary | Cadel Evans 2009-2010 - The Official Site of Cadel Evans - World Champion 2009, Tour de France runner-up in 2007,2008.
Whoa... Cobbles, NOT pave - let's get this clear. There is a distinct difference! Seriously, we always knew this was going to be an important stage, and we prepared for it accordingly. Obviously being sponsored by a bike company that targets Paris-Roubaix is an advantage. I rode a different bike, the 'SLR' with normal Easton low profile carbon wheels, and specially prepared Continental tyres. Along with a careful course reconnaissance with my good friend and team mate Steve Morabito under John (Lelangue's) watchful eye.