Thursday, May 03, 2012

I'll believe it when I see it: contactless bicycle dynamo uses eddy currents, not magnets or tyre sidewalls.

It'll be a good thing, especially when they add a capacitor and keep the lights running when you stop. I don't have fond memories of dynamos myself, especially when reaching "bulb-blowing" speeds. And bikes need lights at night. So bring it on.

Magnic Light claims new form of no-contact bicycle dynamo lighting
According to Strothmann, his fork- or brake caliper-mounted Magnic Light works with any type of metallic wheel rims. While other contactless dynamos do exist, those incorporate wheel-mounted magnets. Dirk's product, however, has the magnets in the dynamo, and utilizes eddy currents. In a nutshell, these are electrical currents that are induced in a conductor, when that conductor is exposed to a changing magnetic field.