Monday, May 13, 2013

Evans and Wurf now lead Points and Sprints at Giro D'Italia 2013: Stage 9 Results |

Ahh, the Grand Tours. It's just interesting - no, fascinating - to watch the steady, incremental progress that Cadel Evans is quietly making in this Giro. Nothing too flash, but he is relentlessly picking up bunch sprints and high placings, leading to the steady collection of points in the, umm, points classification. No surprise really, it's his style as a "GC guy" to take what's available as it presents.

If he has a plan it's to stay close, match Nibali and the less-impressive-so-far Wiggins and keep on keeping on. Perhaps he will attack on a climb when or if Nibali shows weakness? Or wait until the uphill chrono in week 3? Or just wait, period. It's only the end of the first week after all.

Wurf meanwhile is hanging on in the sprint category (a bit of a misnomer really) through consistency and grit and right-place-right-time methodology. Hansen of course has won a stage so he's happy!  

Giro D'Italia 2013: Stage 9 Results |