Thursday, April 27, 2006

Aussies in Europe

Lots of action overnight, all of it building to an exciting set of Grand Tours for 2006. Well, it shows promise, anyway. Cyclingnews reports on a stack of Aussies racing in Germany, Hilton Clarke doing best with a 12th place in Stage 1, 17th overall. And Robbie McEwen picks up a win in stage 1 of Romandie after his early-March fall and subsequent broken rib. It's not easy riding with a broken rib or 2 - I can vouch for that - as it impedes breathing and hurts like hell at the worst of times - like whenever you have to pull on your bars. As you do when climbing or sprinting for 2 good examples. So it's good for Robbie that he's over that hurdle.

Note that Valverde is close on Savoldelli's heels in the GC for that race with McGee and McEwen just 2secs behind (after a great prologue for the sprinter). Cadel's not far off the pace and could gain time in the mountains... so it's looking pretty competitive...

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