Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cadel's woes

So what is wrong with Cadel? He's not riding off the pace for fun, indeed Cyclingnews reports rather surprisingly that he has been told he has "Hunter's Syndrome". But he says he's OK, too, and will be back. Confusingly he also says on his website that his osteopath suggests a problem with the C1 and C0 vertebrae... whilst he mentions the earlier Hunter's diagnosis on that site he also suggests that a neurologist has said 'no problem' and that his actual problem was 'a migraine'. Perhaps the Hunter's diagnosis was an educated speculation rather than a conclusive diagnosis?

Presumably, if he did have Hunter's Syndrome, his would be a late-onset form of the disease and fairly mild, but it would put a cloud over his longevity in the pro peleton, if true. Whilst treatment will help, it's not 100% reversible. In short it's a genetically-carried deficiency of the enzyme iduronate-2-sulfatase. In its absence, mucopolysaccharides collect in various body tissues, causing cumulative damage.

Or was it simply speculation blown out of proportion by eager reporters? He certainly rode well enough to get 13th in the Tour de Romandie prologue on the weekend...

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