Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back to normal

It's all over and I can sleep again, but I am craving racing. When's the Vuelta?

This is an interesting quote: Lemond has certainly not hidden his feelings on Armstrong, and when asked who would win today between Landis, him and Armstrong, Lemond at first chuckled, "I am biased! I can't answer that, [laughs.]" But then Lemond got a little more serious. "Every race is different. The race changed dramatically this year. For me I am a strong anti-doping advocate. I think we are seeing a true Tour de France winner, someone who might have otherwise been cheated out of a win." From ESPN reported via Cyclingnews.

I've collected a few other Cyclingnews race reports that may interest you:
That gives you a bit of reading, eh?

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