Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stage 9 - Le Tour - The Spaniard returns

Oscar Freire did it again. Another mad scramble, another catch, another frenetic sprint. McEwen didn't sprint until waaaay late and didn't hit top speed. He almost caught Freire but didn't. Still, with Zabel in 3rd and Boonen getting it skewiff again, 2nd place points are pretty good. They clashed heads and bodies as they threw but seemed like buddies after the line - unlike the "O'Grady incident" that cost McEwen the green jersey overall last year.

No real change to GC and 31 riders remain inside of 4 minutes of yellow, Gonchar and T-Mobile still looking good. The Pyrenees will sort 'em out tomorrow. Expect to see some surprises and expect also to see who is ready to take control. Discovery is a sleeping giant but T-Mobile look very strong and well placed. Kloden could be the man. Landis may threaten. Evans may have a tilt. It's all go from tomorrow.

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