Saturday, July 14, 2007

Le Tour de France 2007 - Stage 6 - Green for Big Tom

Big Tom Boonen blasted back into the green jersey, with Freire, Zabel and Seb Chavenal close by... so I guess it was his turn. Oscar must be next, surely? Except it won't be on the next stage - July 14th - as that's reserved for French climbers/breakaway specialists only, or so the French would hope.

Cavendish took out Big Tom's rear derailleur with his front wheel, which locked Tom into his 11, whether he wanted it or not! Meanwhile Cavendish went backwards rapidly, another lesson hopefully learned (don't cross wheels with Tom). McEwen looked to drop off Van Summeren's wheel when the sprint got going, and once again lacked the kick and finish that he displayed on stage 1. He looks like he is simply opting out - perhaps with those injuries he sustained on stage 1 in mind - but only he really knows what's happening. Hushovd is somewhat injured with a painful neck and not quite getting on top of the pedals like he did. And Boonen is now green (again).

Sylvain Chavenal remains on top of the spotted jersey comp and will be one of the likely attackers on Bastille Day, along with the overall GC contenders. 4 categorised climbs - including cat 1 Columbiere must mean - surely - that Cancellara will be allowed to drop from the front and finally give up the golden fleece... which will free up a tired CSC squad to support Sastre and his ambitions instead. I bet they are really pleased about that - perhaps resting up a day or 2 ago would've been better? Whatever, I'm sure they know how they feel. For T-Mobile Rogers is well placed and Evans may have a go - he's been quiet but consistent; Leipheimer and Valverde are also waiting in the wings - and Astana will be looking to reverse recent fortunes, too. Indeed Kloden may well be the main man now with Vino clearly suffering from his fall. Disco may also have a trick up its sleeve. No matter what, it should be a real shake-up on GC.