Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Le Tour de France - Stage 8 - Oh the pain

OK, Rasmussen won the stage and claimed the overall, but it should have been Mick Rogers' day for yellow, really. He could see it, taste it.. then it disappeared around a sharp left bend. He apparently had to brake hard on a fast downhill and either locked a wheel or rolled a tyre. Take your pick of why - either way, he came down and went out. Just to add to the drama to the day O'Grady managed to fall hard - very hard - as well, and injury-ridden McEwen rolled to the end of the stage and handed in his number. On the other hand it was good to see Mayo perform well and indeed to see Rasmussen win and shake the race GC up again, leaving Aussie Evans to gain a few places as well. Moreau was also impressive. It was Bastille Day after all. Let's rest for a day and start afresh.