Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another ride with Lance...

Another day, another ride. With Bill Skinner this time. It just sounds like any training ride, really. And those long lonely 6 hour rides? Don't we all miss 'em! If only my 4 year old could keep up on the hills ;-)

Sitting In
“The past four years,” he told me at the end of his season, talking about his retirement, “there were a lot of times when I’d be doing stuff but saying to myself, ‘What I really wish is that I was on a bike ride right now.’ What I have to get back to this year—I’m just talking to myself—is doing long rides alone. I did long rides in 2009 but very few alone. I’m always around people—teammates, fans, sponsors, donors—always surrounded by people. That time, a two-hour ride or a four-hour ride, a six-, eight-hour ride, that time alone is invaluable. In the old days I did most of my training alone. And that is probably the single most important thing I missed.”