Thursday, June 17, 2010

Riders send a message to Cavendish after his crash-thru sprint (zagging all over the road) followed by a dummy-spit

Sprinters tend to be fiery, edgy characters but they usually have at least some sense of self-preservation, especially when they reach pro level. But they (and we) all make mistakes. When there's something at stake - like a sniff of victory - sprinters tend to throw caution to the wind and go for gaps that perhaps aren't there or make moves they regret later. McEwen himself has been accused of recklessness in the past but as a successful, experienced pro-rider he has earned some stripes in this debate. And when asked by a reporter what he thought about Cavendish's actions yesterday he was measured but forthright. Cav was wrong to swerve into Haussler and even more out of order with his petulant behaviour afterwards.

McEwen Ready For Tour De France |
"There's a fine line between right and wrong in sprinting," McEwen said, "and it was definitely crossed yesterday."

The riders staged a brief protest at the start of today's stage to send a message to Cavendish not only for causing the crash, but for reacting to criticism by spitting on the ground.

"The one minute delay at the start today was a signal from his peers that what happened yesterday, the spitting incident after the crash in particular, is not acceptable and I'm sure he understands the message."

Cavendish has not been winning this season with the ease that he experienced last year, and McEwen thinks the pressure has gotten to him.