Friday, September 10, 2010

Fly V gets some UCI points via McEwen, but will it be enough?

McEwen carries some UCI points with him to Fly V, but they need as many as they can get. It's a start, anyway, and a good omen. It also completes a nice circle for McEwen to end up with an Aussie squad.

McEwen Signs With Australian Super Team |
Three-time Tour de France points champion Robbie McEwen will head up the Pegasus Sports team in its bid to join the ProTour in 2011. The 38-year-old Queenslander leaves the Katusha squad after two seasons to rejoin his old friend Chris White, who is pushing to turn his current Fly V Australia squad into the country's first ProTour team.

"I've known Chris White for 20 years and know many of the current staff and riders," McEwen said in a statement. "The team has built an impressive record in North America over the past two years, and with their move into Europe in 2011, the timing and the vibe could not be better.