Monday, September 06, 2010

If the Barwon River doesn't go down in 3 weeks time perhaps the world road champs could move to Calga?

Of course it will go down, but OTOH there's more rain to come... I wonder what happens if too much of the course is affected and bypassing the flooding impossible? Is there a plan B? If there isn't - yet - I'd like to suggest 10 laps of the old highway at Calga would be a suitable substitute. I'd like to see Evans and Gerrans attacking up Blood Hill, chased by Gilbert... of course it won't happen but you never know.  

Wild Weather Leaves Worlds Course Under Water |
The two sections of the course affected by flooding includes a temporary bridge and pathway that’s been constructed specifically for the event in Queens Park, as the existing bridge – which sits much higher up – wasn’t wide enough to meet the UCI’s technical requirements. Debris from the rainfall further up the 160 kilometre long river was stuck alongside the bridge today, as the water level sat just inches from the bridge’s surface level, while a tree at the entry of the bridge had shifted awkwardly across the bridge’s mouth as the soil around it was eroded away.