Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Electric-assisted bikes - ouch!!

Not a racing story - although maybe this is where motorbikes will head, when liquid fuel runs out? Maybe not. Yes, it's the e-lation bolt-on electric motor. Great idea, if hardly mind-blowing in its innovation. What gets me though is this pic on their site showing "how-to". Well I wouldn't do it this way myself... not on my frame, thanks!! I've highlighted the damage to show what over-zealous tightening of a u-bolt can do to a frame tube. Not that it would weaken it at all... certainly not.

Makes me wonder what the "warning" is on the frame, too. Don't get me wrong, folks, anything that helps people get on their bikes is great, but I do wonder about how many ham-fisted amateurs will hack their bikes to achieve their green ends...

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