Sunday, May 27, 2007

Simoni attacks... gains time but not enough

It was good to see a fighting Simoni on the 14th stage, to see Garzelli win the stage and see DiLuca hang in there overall. DiLuca looks strong, maybe strong enough, but there are still mountains to climb, and a TT. He has fallen short in the past, and someone - perhaps DiLuca - could still crack. It may not be him, but we can expect some fireworks first as they desperately try to gain back time before the TT.

Meanwhile in Catalunya we see Karpets still in the lead over Rogers. By my calculations there's just one stage to go - with 3 cat 3s and a cat2 climb to the finish. You'd imagine T-Mobile will attack at the base of the final climb and launch Rogers to the win, wouldn't you? Yes, but this is T-Mobile, so you never really know. Menchov is also a chance, if the Rabo team can play the tactics right. Sevilla would have to pull off an almighty escape to win, surely.

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