Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back to the beginning - cycle racing tips and tricks

Follow this link to my "Bike Racing 101" series...

bike racing: the penultimate guide: A compendium of bike racing tips from an old C-grade pedaller
A compendium of bike racing tips from an old C-grade pedaller
I've raced road, track and crits since about 1983 and learned by experience (and occasional abuse) what works and what doesn't. Whilst I only ever made it to NSW State A grade (just a scant few times) I hung around in B and C grade for a couple of seasons and was a regular club crit A grader for yonks. As I like to share my pain I thought I'd bring my compendium of bike racing tips and tricks into one document, or at least provide an index of sorts. So here goes...

* My original document - Rob's guide to bike racing, Chapter 1. It's a bit creaky as it's about 10 years old and full of experienced opinion rather than "fact" - so tread warily. But you may be able to get something out of it!
* And again, Chapter 2 of Rob's guide. Same deal. Lots of words.
* A bit basic, but here's Pedalling explained.
* More recent, only 5 years old, is Bike racing 101, part 1.
* Bike racing 101 - part 2 is about Goal setting and Back in training includes some training tips.
* Bike racing 101 - part 3 - like Lance said, it's not about the bike.
* Bike racing 101 - part 4 - an inside view of your first criterium, what to expect and other tips.
* Bike racing 101 - part 5 - the inside view of a race, what happens, how it feels, simple rules.
* Bike racing 101 - part 6 - the bike, a basic, no-nonsense view
* Training Tips -1
* Training Tips - 2.

Hope some of that proves useful.