Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunderland leaving Sky means something - or nothing

There's plenty happening in Pro Cycling right now, especially with a crazy up and down Giro on at the same time as the Tour of California (and why is that, pray tell?). We have Giro leaders not chasing major breaks and consequently losing large chunks of time; Giro leaders crashing and GC contenders attacking (they wouldn't have done that to Lance, would they?); and an outbreak of pre-Tour de France anti-Armstrong dopage accusations from the ever interesting Mr Landis.

And then there's Scott Sunderland quitting Team Sky for personal, family reasons. The best reasons of all, really, and I wish him well. I do however wonder if there's more to it that just that, though. When Scott left CSC a few years back there was a puzzling lack of detail about what he may or may not do next; and whilst we have slightly more detail this time around it's only clear that it doesn't involve Team Sky but will involve cycling. It will also be better for his family. Could it be another role with another team or cycling-related organisation, something that is in process now but won't be born for a year or so?

Or should we not read more into it than what he has stated? Time will, of course, tell.  (On a personal note the one race I can remember 'sharing' with Scott as a rider - in the late '80s - we were at opposite ends of the peleton, me going backwards faster than Cadel's self-described disgraceful "bus going downhill".  Ahh, memories.)

Scott Sunderland Leaves Team Sky |
Team Sky and senior directeur sportif Scott Sunderland have issued a joint statement confirming that they will immediately end their working relationship. Sunderland says he has decided to spend more time with his wife Sabine, and two young sons Tristan and Saƫn.