Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Can't help but get a bit excited at today's ToC finish

It was as close as you'd hope between 3 great and highly pedigreed riders - Rogers, DaveZ and Leapin' Levi. The fact that the chase was on and gaining added to the excitement - and I have to say the heart rate went up just watching on TV. I think I need to go on a ride myself now.

If we were to analyse the sprint a bit, to me Rogers looked the better sprinter, but DaveZ was first to react, grabbing the advantage in the tight finale. I suspect all 3 knew the finish well and it came down to who was brave enough to take the initiative and hold on. Rogers was coming for him but lacked just that extra few metres. So kudos to DaveZ for first and best move. Levi looked off the pace - and let's face it he's not a sprinter, even in this elite-climber-and-TTer company. All 3 were an even match on the climb although Dave seemed to be holding back a bit - perhaps wary of keeping something for the finish. Levi looked best on the climb but Rogers wasn't far off. It's hard to know for sure but Levi initiated proceedings and was promptly matched by Mick and Dave, so it looks even at this stage. It's worth noting that a few good climbers missed the attack, so expect them to be fired up and prepared next time. Good result for Garmin, given that their rider won despite a strong team effort from RadioShack (with the modified and patented Lance Launch).  

And the Giro is going along quite nicely too. Pro Cycle Racing is surely on another upswing, you'd think. After years of bad publicity you'd hope so, anyway.