Thursday, December 24, 2009

The old hanging-2-lengths-off-the-back training technique

I used to be fit enough to do this, now I am just fit enough to get dropped off the back and stay off, until lapped I mean. Glad McEwen is coming back from a bad year, anyway.

McEwen Makes His Return At The Bay |
"I've been going out to club races and I've been sitting behind the bunch - a few lengths off them - and sort of like motorpacing I put myself far enough off them that I have to make an effort to stay there," explained McEwen. "As people get dropped I go around them and back onto the bunch. I just keep going round them and across to the front group then just sit off them.

"It's quite intense like a motorpacing session, which has been good fun. At the same time I've been doing a little coaching... As the race goes along I hand out a few tips although it's pretty hard training; I've been riding around the threshold heart rate, around 170 or 175bpm. I also did a bit of training with the boys from the Fly V Australia squad on the Gold Coast and we got out into the hinterland and bashing each other up," he added.