Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Now I have a SKINS C400 Compression jersey to test as well ;-)

And I have to say this is the best one yet. I like the SKINS BIB knicks a lot but the jersey + knicks is sensational. Again it's that "1980s-feel" that reminds me of the old Soviet rubber skinsuits - it's like 'preloading' for your body (rather than your bearings). I feel the tightness gripping me all over but it's not uncomfortable, rather it gently - OK, quite firmly - hints that I should crouch down into an aero position and ride harder. I've ridden the full combo in training a couple of times now and I have been quicker, but it's too early to say "it's the SKINS gear". It could also be my new training cycle kicking off after a rest. Instead I can say that the full SKINS C400 combo (undershirt, knicks and jersey) is snug, comfy and warm on a crisp morning and IMHO feels the absolute business. It seems to hold me in a better position, more comfortably, than any other set of standard cycling knicks and jerseys ever have. And it doesn't get soggy either as I warm up. So in terms of feel alone it's a winner. It certainly puts me in the right frame of mind to ride fast.

Thanks again to Matt from SKINS for allowing me the luxury of this C400 apparel test. Whilst I've always wondered 'is it worth it' it's something I would otherwise have put off until later. Whilst I can't yet quantify the difference with any degree of certainty I can certainly say it's been a surprise and an eye opener for me. More soon.