Saturday, April 28, 2012

A different sort of on-bike video (Felt F75 in motion)

This is what happens when I manage to shoot some simple video on the bike and then edit it to death in AVS Video Editor. It's a Felt F75, it's me, I'm fat and slow and way past my prime but there you go. All visuals and audio by me, sound produced and mixed in Mixcraft.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Moser the Sheriff takes on a local club race - wonderful cycling story

If nothing else it proves Moser hasn't stopped riding, or racing, apparently. Or how an impromptu invitation led to one of the cycling legends racing around a park. Great story. 

MOSER GOES TO NEW YORK | NY Velocity - New York bike racing culture, news and events
“Hey Charlie, are you sitting down? Francesco Moser wants to come to the park race on Saturday… and he wants to race…”

That’s how my conversation began with Charlie Issendorf, organizer of the Prospect Park Race series, began.

Just two days prior my wife had taken me to Lunetta, a local Brooklyn restaurant for my birthday; Francesco Moser and his son Carlo were in attendance there promoting their winery, Cantine Moser. Over a delicious meal the guests chatted with the gregarious (and multi-lingual) living legend and his son. Stories were told by the elder Moser in Italian, Spanish and French throughout the evening. As the wine flowed the local amateur racers began their campaign to get “the Sheriff” to attend Saturday’s first race of the spring series in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. “He loves everything related to ‘cyclismo,’” said Marco Moser. “Perhaps he will come to watch.”

“Watch?” we joked. “He is welcome to race!”