Saturday, June 26, 2010

It was inevitable - iPhone + iBike = iBike Dash

If I could stomach paying through the nose for an iPhone this would be a convincing combination. The iPhone has the hardware needed, just add the iBike software for the most complete GPS and power 'bike computer' you could imagine. Allowing for the fact that it still back-calculates power from measured variables of course. Still brilliant. Oh yeah, I own an iBike, but no I won't be buying an iPhone just because it's funky.   

iBike Dash Cycling Computer | iBike Dash + Power
Expertly equipped with both the revolutionary cycling computer functions of the iBike Dash and the next generation of power measurement technology of the iBike power meter line, the iBike Dash + Power is the ultimate control panel for those who take their cycling and cycling fitness seriously.
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