Friday, November 09, 2012

Down but not out - first Wiggo, now Sutton hit in UK traffic

It can happen anywhere. I don't know how it happened, but it happened. I used to ride at the other end of the St George bunch from Shane, hanging on grimly or chasing back on, and whilst he was always a volatile guy he wasn't stupid. Accidents happen. Road design aside, it's vital that all riders, pedestrians and drivers are careful, awake amd aware out there.

British Cycling coach Shane Sutton hospitalized after collision with auto
Commenting on the bizarre timing of the two accidents, British Cycling wrote, “”It is extremely rare that our riders and coaches are hurt while out cycling on the road, even rarer that two incidents should occur in a short space of time, and we wish Shane and Bradley a speedy recovery.”

The federation also called on the government to put cycling “at the heart of transport policy to ensure that cycle safety is built into the design of all new roads, junctions and transport projects, rather than being an afterthought.”